GeoDetox: proof of concept of geopolymers from bauxite residues to make adsorbents for pollutants

To help reduce the polluting impacts of aluminum production, this project investigates a use of a landfill-bound waste material called bauxite residue. This by-product is produced in large volumes globally but has no well-defined reuse or recycling application. The objective of this study is to develop a process to utilize this waste as a wastewater treatment technology. This will mitigate the polluting effects of bauxite residue disposal on Canadian soil while offering a new technology to combat municipal and industrial wastewater pollution. Due to the massive scale of aluminum production globally, this project has the potential to have a significant environmental impact and create a new technological export to the world’s aluminum producers. This synergistic methodology of using one industry’s waste to pacify another’s is an example of a successful circular economy, which minimizes its own environmental impact.

Michael Di Mare
Superviseur universitaire: 
Claudiane Ouellet-Plamondon
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