Geospatial intelligence in support of an integrated energy pathways prediction in Quebec Province

The integration of new technologies, on both supply and demand sides, with the existing energy infrastructure, is always a challenging ta sk. First, the a mount of energy demand must be predicted to manage the needs of deploying in the future. Second, the predicted energy must be introduced to a simulation tool (e.g., PTDC) to model the utilization behavior of each technology with respect to the capacity of the existing power grid. These steps allow us to readjust the input information and tuning parameters for forecasting the energy demands a nd pathways to deeply decarbonize the energy sectors. Accordingly, the intern needs 1) to build a database to forecast the energy demand for Quebec province based on the historical information a nd contributing indicators (GIS information), 2) feed the energy demand to PTDC power system simulation tool by creating a data pipeline, 3) Automating the whole process for scenario analysis. These tasks ca n help the intern improve his skills in terms of multidisciplinary research and development, data production, and data analysis.

Ali Afghantoloee
Superviseur universitaire: 
Mir Abolfazl Mostafavi
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