Gold Nanoparticle based Biosensor to detect viral RNA in vitro by colorimetry

The proposed project involves COVID-19 detection using solution of gold nanoparticles. Upon detection, the gold solution changes its color from red to blue. The solution contains gold nanoparticles with biomolecules that can detect SARS-Cov-2 virus genome that causes COVID-19. The first step is to take saliva sample from the patient and put it inside the first red solution. Then second amplification solution (which contains displacer and linker) is added to enhance the blue color and it increases the sensitivity of the detection. This method does not require any temperature control system, nor any expensive lab equipment. The color change can be observed with naked eyes and the solution changes color rapidly upon detecting the virus. Galenvs is a company that develops different kits to extract viral RNA genome and this biosensor can be used to detect any viral RNA and hence based on this principle, we can develop different viral RNA detection kits. The partner organization will have the ability to manufacture these viral RNA detection kits on a large scale.

Jay Kapadia
Superviseur universitaire: 
Jonathan Perreault
Partner University: