Grid-friendly large-scale aggregation of Electric Vehicles

The objective of this proposal is to propose an optimized aggregation model for a friendly, interoperable, and cooperative interaction between the EVs and their host electrical grid. In doing so, the EVs will promptly participate in ancillary services of power grids. The power grid will in turn provide intelligent access of EVs to charging stations in order to further promote the EV proliferation. Such integration will provide an opportunity for both EV owners (entities) and the utility owners to benefit from the massive deployment of EVs. This proposal on one hand will help Polytechnique Montreal to obtain a leading position in the field of integration of electric vehicles into power system operations. On the other hand, Solutions Serafin Inc. will benefit from the developed aggregation framework to further promote integration of EVs in the transportation system of Quebec.

Sina Kiani
Superviseur universitaire: 
Keyhan Sheshyekani
Partner University: