Health risks of agricultural intensification in Vietnam

During the last couple decades, agricultural practices have increased in intensity to meet the growing needs of economic growth and population growth in Vietnam. Increased livestock production, management of human and animal waste, hormone and antibiotic residues from humans and livestock present human and environmental health concerns. The risks of agricultural intensification to human health are not well studied and understood in Vietnam. In this study, I will explore the risks of agricultural intensification to human health through a systematic review of the literature. The information gained will be complemented with interviews with key environmental stakeholders to identify health issues associated with intense agricultural practices, as well as determine challenges in addressing these issues. The information gained from this study will be useful in informing existing or future policy relating to agricultural intensification.

Steven Lam
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Sherilee Harper
Project Year: 
Partner University: 
Hanoi School of Public Health, Hanoi, Vietnam