High-dimensional hyper-entangled photonic cluster states towards quantum information science applications

Quantum technologies (QTs) such as quantum computing, information processing, and sensing will characterize next generation lives. For this reason, many efforts have been spent to implement quantum platforms for integrated, affordable, and reproducible QTs. Quantum photonics provides an ideal framework to achieve this goal. In this project, we will deliver an integrated quantum photonic platform capable of generating complex entangled states based on few photons simultaneously entangled in high-dimensional time and frequency modes. We will use these states for applied quantum science, specifically to implement advanced high-dimensional quantum computing operations and algorithms. We will further analyze the quantum state entanglement via quantum operators (namely, witnesses) experimentally optimized with machine learning techniques, with the scope of making them practically feasible and highly noise robust. Such a quantum state generation and subsequent quantum computing operations will critically rely on the devices provided by the partner organization (Ki3 Photonics), i.e., an on-chip photon source and a stabilization system for time mode manipulation. Ki3 Photonics targets the scalable generation, multiplexing, and processing of photons via low-footprint and power-efficient hardware – all within the same optical fibers in widespread use today. In this sense, the industrial partner will highly benefit from the project outcomes.

Stefania Sciara
Superviseur universitaire: 
Roberto Morandotti
Partner University: