High purity diamond deposition system

Synthetic diamond allows to exploit technologically relevant properties at much more affordable costs than based on natural diamond. While early applications related to the extraordinary hardness of diamond, more recent applications target the outstanding heat conductivity and dedicated point defects that allow for the control of individual paramagnetic states. This has extended the requirements for the controlled growth beyond the requirements for a high-quality bulk structure towards the engineering of surface passivation and defect state populations via dopants. On a microwave plasma chemical vapour deposition system that is soon to be completed, Plasmionique targets the development of stable and reproducible processes to achieve these goals in collaboration with a scientific partner: Andreas Ruediger from INRS-EMT will conduct the structural and functional characterisation to provide continuous and fast feedback on the effect of process parameters on the desired properties. Dr. Muchemu has acquired in depth knowledge on plasma processes and optical spectroscopy techniques during his PhD at University of Toronto and will have the opportunity to deepen his scientific knowledge and to complement it in almost daily exchange with all partners about the technological and commercial requirements for national and internationals competitiveness in the field of thin film deposition technology.

Michael Muchemu
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Andreas Ruediger
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