High spectral resolution underwater LiDAR fluorosensor

A better understanding of how marine primary producers such as macroalgae, ice-algae and coral are affected byclimate-change related events can guide us in anticipating future coastal community and ecosystem response. In thiswork, we aim to develop a high spectral resolution fluorescence sensor for use with underwater laser imagingmethods, exploiting the photosynthesis-related fluorescence response to light in algae and fluorescence response inother biological substrates. In conjunction with commercially available autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs)and scientific research vessels / tools, the development and integration of our sensor to underwater laser imagingwill provide the means to more efficiently survey large areas underwater and detect and classify biological substratesbased on their response to light. This work will give our commercial partner help in providing development, testingand ultimately, to offer specialized scientific equipment for underwater biological and coastal surveys.

Matthieu Huot
Superviseur universitaire: 
Philippe Archambault;Michel Piché
Partner University: