High-temperature mineralisation: example of the Mythril Cu-Au-Mo-Agmagmatic-hydrothermal system

Metals extraction is essential to society and to Québec’s economy, and gold is one of the main economic substance that the Province in renowned for. Gold mineralization is formed by processes involving hydrothermal fluids and these processes are not fully understood. For example, the source of the fluids, copper and gold are still hotly debated, which hinders efficient and reasonable exploitation of coppergold mineralization. This project focuses on a yet unrecognized style of copper-gold mineralization in the Baie James area that may be related to magmatic activity and that may have formed at depth in the crust. Revealing the metallogenic model for such deposit will galvanize exploration and economic activity in northern Québec and improve our fundamental understanding of Earth’s early evolution. This project is thus economically important. It will also contribute to maintain Québec and Canada as leaders in copper-gold exploration.

Catherine Gavaris
Superviseur universitaire: 
Lucie Mathieu;Matthew Leybourne;Daniel Layton-Matthews
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