High throughput quantum material discovery platform

Discovery of new quantum materials – with remarkable emergent electronic properties such as superconductivity with zero electrical resistivity and perfect diamagnetism – consist of material design, synthesis, and characterization. By miniaturizing, automating, and improving the existing academic methods for both material synthesis and characterization, this project aims to design and develop a high throughput platform for bulk complex quantum material discovery and use the ensuing data as a reinforcement learning base for material design. This project helps Chemia Discovery Inc. to develop the first generation of material discovery platform that can synthesis thousands of distinct complex micrometer-sized quantum materials in ambient conditions and characterize their electronic properties with the similar speed and created a strong mutually beneficial academic relationship to ultimately accelerate the science and technology of quantum materials for a sustainable development of humankind.

Seyed Amirreza Ataei
Superviseur universitaire: 
Louis Taillefer
Partner University: