Hyperfine emission and absorption spectroscopy of a new microwave plasma source at atmospheric pressure: application to the reduction of Ti powders for additive manufacturing

Through this new collaboration between UdeM, LightMachinery Inc., Photon etc., and PyroGenesis Canada Inc., we wish to develop and characterize non-equilibrium plasmas at atmospheric pressure sustained by microwave electromagnetic fields in argon-hydrogen gas mixtures relevant for continuous and in-line reduction of oxidized Ti-6Al-4V fine and spherical powders. More precisely, this project aims to develop and optimize a new generation of ultra-high-resolution optical spectrometers and a new system of Bragg tunable filters for emission and absorption spectroscopy analysis of neutral and charged species in non-equilibrium plasmas and for advanced plasma process control. These will then be utilized to characterize a tailored microwave plasma source when Ti-based powders are incorporated, in order to investigate their impact on the plasma properties and, conversely, of the plasma on the properties of Ti-based powders. The generation of such fundamental and applied knowledge is expected to play a crucial role in the development and optimization of innovative plasma diagnostics and plasma-assisted reduction processes of Ti-based powders that are strategically needed by LightMachinery Inc., Photon etc., and PyroGenesis Canada Inc. to meet their current and future challenges in either plasma spectroscopy or additive manufacturing.

Antoine Durocher-Jean
Superviseur universitaire: 
Luc Stafford
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