Implementation of a rat model for neuroprosthetic techniques to improve hand and arm movements

NeuralDrive's goal is to develop new interventions based on motor cortex neuromodulation to assist recovery of motor function in people living with a permanent disability. Due to considerable differences between patients, this technology must be personalized to each subject's deficits and needs. The development of therapeutic technology aimed at humans requires validation and refinement in a mammalian animal model. This project will establish a rat model of intervention after cervical spinal cord injury. We will confirm the cortical motor regions to implant the neural interface, as well as define the parameters for spinal injury in the rat, to effectively study how NeuralDrive's technology can restore motor control and voluntary movement after incomplete tetraplegia. This will be the biological foundation for further refinement and validation of neuroprosthetics developed by NeuralDrive and is thus an essential step for the success for expanding the technological intervention to the recovery of hand/arm function.

Boris Touvykine
Superviseur universitaire: 
Numa Dancause
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