Implementing Industry 4.0: Agent-based simulation as a supporting tool for companies' digital transformation

Industry 4.0 is the main strategy to strengthen the competitiveness of the manufacturing sector over the next years. Simulation is a key enabling technology of Industry 4.0, supporting the development of planning and exploratory models to optimize decision making, the design and operations of complex and dynamic production systems. It may also support companies to evaluate the risks, costs, implementation barriers, impact on operational performance and a roadmap toward the 4th Industrial Revolution. This project aims to investigate how to model and simulate Industry 4.0 implementation scenarios to support companies’ digital transformation using agent technology. First, a general framework will be proposed to guide researchers and practitioners to modeling and simulating Industry 4.0 scenarios. Then, proofs-of-concept will be developed in collaboration with the industrial partner to validate the framework.

William de Paula Ferreira
Superviseur universitaire: 
Fabiano Armellini;Luis Antonio de Santa-Eulalia
Partner University: