Improved Tactile Sensors for Biomedical Applications

The Institute of Biomedical Engineering at UNB is at the frontier of myoelectric signal acquisition and interpretation in patients with prosthetic devices. A particular challenge is understanding the effect of surface contact pressure on voltage measurements at the skin-electrode interface. Smart Skin Technologies (SST) is a New Brunswick company developing multi-touch pressure sensors aimed at several markets including smart-phones, sports training and industrial quality assurance. However, the pressure resolution and accuracy need to be improved before the sensors can be used in biomedical applications. The research project will study the device materials used at SST to achieve uniform response and improve pressure sensitivity. The goal of the research project is to improve the sensors to the degree that they can be employed in finesse applications such as prosthetics.

Ian McKelvey
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Kevin Englehart
Project Year: 
New Brunswick