Improving Surveillance of Healthcare Associated Infections in Canada

People should never have to worry about getting an infection while in the hospital or in a long-term care home. Yet every year, many Canadians suffer harm and, in some cases, death following the development of an infection while receiving healthcare. Counting and reporting these infections is a very important step in the prevention of infections. However, the methods used to collect, and report infections differs across regions, provinces, and territories in Canada. This makes it difficult to know where problems exist, set goals for improvement, and monitor results across the country to be sure things are getting better. Every patient deserves safe care in Canada. This project will help protect Canadian patients from harmful infections by providing better information in order to intervene and provide prompt preventative actions.

Etienne Poirier;Virginie Boulanger
Superviseur universitaire: 
Caroline Quach-Thanh
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