Integrated Logistics Network Design at Hydro-Québec

This partnership project with Hydro-Québec focuses on optimizing the integrated logistics network planning. The Hydro-Québec existing network has a building stock of average 37 years old, and is mainly based on the geographic and demographic needs of the 1980s. This project will adapt the network to the modern needs and prepare it for the future. The problem we consider includes the location of service points, determination of electric vehicle sizes and routes, demand forecasting, and inventory management. The project offers strong practical value for Hydro-Québec and a strong academic potential. We leverage the abundant data from Hydro-Québec to study the uncertainty profiles of customer demand and perform data aggregation to scale down the problem size by considering geographic and demographic information of customer regions. We use prescriptive and predictive analytics methods that span advanced optimization and data science techniques.

Abderrahman Bani;Lingxiao Wu
Superviseur universitaire: 
Okan Arslan;Jean-Francois Cordeau;Yossiri Adulyasak
Partner University: