Intelligent control strategies for the Industrial Internet – Phase 1

The overall research aims at conducting studies that use high volume data and analytics in order to provide realtime process optimization and optimal control to processes that are to be controlled in preparation for the industrial environment. These investigations is the first stage or Phase 1 associated with creating the mechanism to have machines learn, learn form each other and make intelligent decisions, using a framework of sensor(s) connectivity and cloud-based computing as part of the industrial internet. As more data become available, the framework to use this data to improve system productivity and efficiencies becomes critical to sustaining growth and continued innovation. This research has this general theme that combines technical expertise of Eigen Innovations Inc. and UNB researchers, to innovate and derive solutions that will have significant impact on the future of machine operations and their intelligence. The scope of this work is large, and hence the research is divided into several projects that target specific work, when combined will have the base of advanced control via the industrial internet.

Zachary Knopp, Ryan Finn, Soheil Parsa
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Rickey Dubay
Project Year: 
New Brunswick