Investigation of an electrified chlorination process for extraction of critical rare metals from electronic waste

Electronic devices are an inseparable part of today's life, while these device’s lifetime is less than ten years in some cases like mobile phones. Accordingly, a huge amount of electronic waste (44.7 million tons in 2016) is generated, which causes serious health problems for human beings, and needs sustainable processing. NeoCtech is proposing an innovative electrified chlorination process to recover metals from E-waste via a sustainable and environmental-friendly process. The strong scientific background of NeoCtech in process development, scale-up, mineral processing, and waste management provides a great opportunity for the intern to work on this project which is highly demanding in Canada and Québec in terms of waste management, mitigation of climate change and reduction of green house gases. The success of the proposed complementary process is expected to render NeoCtech's overall process become economically viable in Quebec; thus being a domestic supplier of such critical metals for clean- and high-tech industries, and even exporting.

Ahmad Reza Amini
Superviseur universitaire: 
Mohammad Latifi;Louis Fradette
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