Investigation of a novel Spatially-Sensitive Transmission Detector for real-time verification of radiation beams during Radiation Therapy

Unprecedented advances have been made in Radiation Therapy during the past two decades. High precision treatment plan is generated using sophisticated optimization methods, and treatment is delivered with complex intensity modulation techniques. Due to the complexity, the burden of Quality Assurance (QA) for modern radiotherapy has also increased dramatically. Many staff and machine hours are devoted to verify the integrity and accuracy of treatment plans before the start of a treatment course; however, no verification is performed subsequently for multi-fraction treatment provided over several weeks. Therefore, a small risk may exist in the current practice of radiation therapy. The proposed research project aims to refine a previously developed real-time QA system, which will require minimal user interaction and can verify the accuracy of dose delivery for each and every fraction of radiation treatment, and hence will reduce risk to the patient. A positive outcome of this project will allow the partner organization (iRT, Germany) to manufacture and market this unique QA system in the Radiotherapy community across the globe.

Daniel Xun Lin
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Mohammad Islam
Project Year: