An investigation on software quality measurement

The TEC Company has a complete list of vendors and software products. On the other side, the software buyers have their own functional and technical requirements. The TEC’s product list empowers the software buyers to employ the TEC’s software selection methodology in order to find the product which is properly matched with their requirements. The TEC’s methodology considers several functional attributes for each software product. However considering the Quality properties from software engineering point of view will make the outcome of TEC’s methodology more reliable. In this project we try to develop a quality model and then measure the quality factors for a set of software products which are listed in TEC’s products’ list. The outcome of this project are expected to resulted in developing original and significant quality models and measurement methods as well as enriching the TEC’s software selection methodology.

Reza Mirsalari
Superviseur universitaire: 
Pierre Robillard
Project Year: