Low-power EEG headset for remote monitoring and warning system

Avertus Epilepsy Technologies Inc. is building a wireless headset that records brain waves (EEG) without requiring extensive, time-consuming and uncomfortable patient preparation. Avertus’ headset is a patient-focused, point-of care monitoring and detection system. To design the wireless EEG headset, commercially available dry electrodes will be analyzed and characterized to determine the optimum properties for better EEG recordings. A miniaturized circuit board will be designed for each electrode to make active electrodes that can provide a high quality EEG signal right on the headset. To send the EEG out to a monitoring device, an electronic board with a low-power processor and wireless transceiver will be designed and embedded in the headset. The EEG data will be received by monitoring platform which will be designed in software and hardware domain. The entire monitoring system will be tested in different patients in future and the design will be optimized based on the results.

Mohammadreza Dadkhah
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Martín Del Campo
Project Year: