Magnetorheological actuators for active suspensions

In 2016, Magna Corporate has partnered with Exonetik to develop multiple prototypes of active seat suspension which were used for market validation and technical feasibility investigation.
In June 2019, Magna Seating officially launched a research and development program to bring the active seat suspension to production in July 2021.

The objective of this applied research project consists in addressing the problematic of the active seat suspensions with appropriate technical solutions in order raise the maturity level of the prototype to TR9. The
four major research sub-project of this Mitacs program will require design, engineering model development, simulations, testing, and result analysis through an iteration process:

A. MR Clutch Durability Testing
B. Actuator Noise, Vibrations and Harshness (NVH) testing and analysing
C. Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Testing of the Electronic Controller Unit (ECU)
D. Software Architecture Development as per ISO 26262

Bastien Périard;Vincent Pelletier;Tamara Krpic;Samuel Boulanger
Superviseur universitaire: 
Alexandre Girard;Alexandre Girard
Partner University: