Management Strategy in the Digital Age: Exploring the Implications of Digital Media onSport Marketing

This project will explore the strategic and managerial implications of the growth of digital media in the Canadian sport industry, exploring the evolution of consumer behaviour, interaction, and engagement with digital media in order to provide a new managerial framework for marketing strategy. Organisations operating in and around sport have access to nearly unlimited data regarding the activities, interests, and behaviours of spectators, consumers, and participants. Unfortunately, while advances have been made in analytics, econometrics, and market intelligence, there remains a dearth of research into the implications of digital media for marketing management strategy. By taking a constructivist case study approach, the study will provide invaluable insight into the effects of digital advances on consumer relations and the strategic management implications for marketing and consumer behaviour. It will pioneer a new management model for strategic marketing in the digital age, important for the continued development of both industry and practice.

Nicholas Burton
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Cheri Bradish
Project Year: