Managing Knowledge Discovery and Data-Mining Through Visual Analytics, Concept Maps and Ontologies

This research project aims to prototype and evaluate a computer system supporting the creation of data-driven domain ontologies.
The first phase consists in creating a working prototype of a computer application supporting:
1) Preliminary research;
2) Creation of an interactive and visual computer interface allowing the visual concept mapping of a domain, its entities; define relationships between those entities and define attributes and parameters of those entities and relationships;
3) Linkage of these parameters, attributes and relationship to actual data from that domain;
4) Iterative exploration and validation of the ontological model via a “top-down-driven” approach using visual
analytics tools and techniques in the context of a paired analysis process.
The second phase of the project consists in qualitatively evaluating the this tool in the context of paired analysis, versus a traditional analytical approach, as a method of supplementing domain-contextual knowledge discovery, data mining and knowledge transfer.

Mehrdad Oveisi
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Fred Popowich
Project Year: 
British Columbia