Marine Icing Models and Sensors for Arctic Exploration Vessels

Marine icing problems pose significant risk to both marine vessel stability and human safety during harsh weather operations. The project will address a need for better physical understanding of marine icing phenomena and the development of appropriate sensors for detecting marine icing conditions. Current technologies have proven inadequate for marine conditions due to the complex nature of marine structures and the conditions leading to icing, as many are developed for fresh water environments or atmospheric icing conditions for aeronautical and/or land based structures. New technologies for better prediction of icing conditions and ice accretion levels will assist industry in developing both anti-icing and de-icing strategies.

Alireza Dehghani-sanij, Joshua Dowdell, Armin Bodaghkhani, Debashish Sah,a Saeed-Reza Dehghani, Nicholas Hartman, Ian Matthews, Charles Ezeoru, Kaniz Ronak Sultana & TBD
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Yuri Muzychka
Project Year: 
Newfoundland and Labrador