MEMA_CB_BIOT : Metabolic Engineering of MicroAlgae for CannaBinoids - Biotechnology PDF

The Canadian company Algae-C is developing innovative platforms for the growth of different kinds of phototrophic algae around the world. The algal biomass from its modular units is used for the aquaculture, biofuel, nutraceutical, chemical, and personal care markets. Algae-C wants to expand the use of their technology in more areas such as the pharmaceutical field. In order to achieve their goal, the company wants to optimize its own microalgae strains. With this project, Algae-C wishes to optimize genetically engineered microalgae for the production of plant-based metabolites. In a previous project with our research team was able to have the complete metabolic pathway for the production of compounds belonging to the cannabinoid family. The promising results prompted the company to continue with the current challenge to improve (increase and optimize) the production of ?9-tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA) and cannabidiolic acid (CBDA) from engineered microalgae.

Ruchi Pathania;Karen Gonçalves dos Santos
Superviseur universitaire: 
Isabel Desgagné-Penix
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