Metagenomic assessment of the microbiome of Cannabis greenhouses

The Canadian market for greenhouse represents already 3.5 billion $CAD in 2020. However, Canadian greenhouse growers have to deal with crop losses due to various pests, such as bacterial and fungal pathogens. Thus, early detection of detrimental microorganisms is needed to help greenhouse farmers. Microorganisms, including pathogens, disperse through the air in indoor spaces such as greenhouses. This project aims to quantify the profile of greenhouse air microbes with cutting edge portable sequencing technology. Moreover, detection of cannabis pathogens will be performed. Along with basic knowledge of the air microbiome of greenhouses, for farmers and the scientific community, the output of this project will allow biotech companies to set up pathogen detection services for the greenhouse sector.

Rémi Maglione
Superviseur universitaire: 
Steven Kembel
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