Microelectromechanical Low-power Strain Sensor for structural health monitoring applications

Structural health monitoring (SHM) of airplanes requires very compact and low-power stain sensors. Therefore,

IPR wants to investigate how a commercial micro-fabrication process can be used to implement its MEMS sensor

design, particularly using the electro-conductive properties of doped silicon vs. metal-coated crystalline silicon or

polysilicon. The project will consist 0f e conceptual study of the current design provided by IPR and the design

and evaluation through simulations of that design implemented in different technology. Moreover, design variants

of different geometries will be investigated.

This project aims at the design of an adapted sensor for the PiezoMUMPS and PoIyMUMPS offered by the

MEMSCAP fou ndry and the investigation of several design variants to improve yield and performance. Moreover,

it will also provide a custom process flow that could be implemented as an alternate approach to fabrication at the


Alberto Prudhomme Buelna
Superviseur universitaire: 
Frédéric Nabki
Partner University: