Millimeter-Wave Photonic Component Packaging and Interconnect

With the increasing demand for data rates in modern high-speed links come new requirements for the simulation environments that are used for their design. With optical modulator now achieving beyond-100-GHz large-signal modulation bandwidth in hybrid silicon photonics, the main challenges that such systems are currently facing is the lack of efficient interconnects to interface with the outside world. These interconnects are designed and optimized using full-wave simulations. This process is however very slow, requiring several full-wave simulations, and can lead to sub-optimal results if a local minimum is reached. The global objective of the project is to develop our understanding of wideband interconnect (100+ GHz). To achieve that we will develop simple models for wideband interconnect to predict their performances. We will also derive design rules to help developers optimize more efficiently high-speed interconnects. The model and the design rules will be validated with measurements.

Etienne Therriault
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Dominic Deslandes
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