Mobilising Cycling Economies for Safe Cycling Networks

A lack of physical infrastructure and the corresponding fear of harm are a significant barrier to urban cycling, and an impediment to the expansion of Curbside Cycle’s target demographic. Using outreach and education through a collaborative process involving partners Curbside Cycle and Cycle Toronto we will empower local experts, enlist local businesses as powerful community stakeholders, and foster coalitions of community support for improved bicycle infrastructure. Through engagement and capacity-building sessions we will share up to date research on the positive impacts of bicycle infrastructure for urban business communities and build skills for group facilitation, civic engagement and conflict mitigation. The documentation and assessment of the processes involved in this initiative will be academically relevant in the fields of community capacitation and participatory planning, and will also help inform the strategic planning that Cycle Toronto will pursue following the completion of all engagement sessions.

Daniel Arancibia
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Beth Savan
Project Year: