Model development for machine condition assessment

The scope of this project is to construct a physics-based analytical model through the bond graph modeling for a reciprocating compressor.  The purpose of this model is to quantify input-output relations among mechanical components involved in a compressor, particularly under normal operating conditions.  Such a model, once validated and calibrated can serve as a baseline model or a template for the detection of machine health problems.  Because of the details of a machine internal variables this model can provide, it can allow the root cause determination of machine faults.    The bond graph model will be cross examined with a finite element model and validated by experimental tests.  The successful completion of this project will provide a key cornerstone in the development of a competent and adaptable machinery health assessment system AP Dynamics Inc. is currently undertaking.

Seyed Abdolali Zareian Jahromi
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Qiao Sun
Project Year: