Monolithic microwave integrated circuit front-end module for satellite communication and next generation wireless communication applications

Front-end Module is key component in satellite and wireless telecommunication systems. It contains sub-modules like power amplifier, duplexer, antenna, low noise amplifier and etc. Advanced semiconductor technology enables the integration of these sub-modules. Compared to conventional bulky communication systems, this integration features compact size, lower cost, and higher performance. In 2019, the MMIC market reaches 7.7 Billion and increase to 10 Billion in 2022. The proposed project will use Gallium Nitride, the latest semiconductor technology, to design high performance MMIC chips. The target of this project is increasing the efficiency and bandwidth of the power amplifier, lower the noise of low noise amplifier and the switch, and integrate these parts in a compact area. The outcome of project will provide competitive products to the communication market which helps the partner company to gain a larger market share in the near future.

Yulong Zhao
Superviseur universitaire: 
Ammar Kouki
Partner University: