Multifunction system for measuring endothelial cell remodeling under laminar and turbulentpulsatile flow related to heart disease Year One

A London-based company, Novel Cardiovascular Systems Inc, has developed a unique multifunction system for measuring endothelial (arterial wall) cell remodelling under different types of laminar, turbulent and intermittent pulsatile flows that are associated with the onset and development of heart disease, notably atherosclerosis (narrowing of the artery). In order to accelerate the product to market, NCSI must validate the system with respect to cell biology and blood flow mechanics. Specifically, cell viability and the accuracy of hemodynamic (blood flow) measurements in an in vitro flow channel must be quantified. The proposed research will examine endothelial cell response under a range of realistic and quantified pulsatile flow conditions, thereby providing invaluable contributions to the literature. More importantly, for NCSI, it is critical to realize the project to accomplish a fully validated system in order to accelerate timeto- market. In addition, the project will further expand the capabilities of current flow system.

Qiuquan Guo
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Eric Savory
Project Year: