Multiplexed Source of Photons for Next Generation Quantum Secure Networks

With quantum computers which are just starting to hit the market, today’s encryption methods will soon become obsolete. In order to ensure an unconditionally secure data storage/encryption, communications will have to rely on a technology making use of the laws of quantum mechanics. The present MITACS application proposes to build the prototype of an optical source specifically designed for quantum secure communications as well as the development of quantum networks. This proposal represents a significant step towards the realization of compact, stable and energy efficient sources, thus addressing two major issues in quantum communications i.e. scalability and flexibility. Thanks to this MITACS application and stemming from the fast evolution of the quantum market which demonstrates the great efforts made by the scientific community to bring quantum applications to the market, we intend to push forward the development of practical photon sources.

Nicola Maryann Montaut
Superviseur universitaire: 
Roberto Morandotti
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