Near-term quantum and quantum-inspired algorithms for telecommunication workloads

Quantum computation exploits microscopic properties of matter to achieve speedups over classical computation. However, existing as well as near- to mid-term quantum computers lack fault tolerance and are limited in size. As such, they are referred to as noisy intermediate-scale quantum (NISQ) devices. NISQ processors function primarily as purpose-built quantum calculators for specific tasks, rather than general-purpose computers. Identifying industrial workloads that are amenable to NISQ computing is presently a major interdisciplinary quest. The interns participating in this project will identify and implement quantum algorithms, suitable for execution on NISQ computers, to address challenges in the telecommunications sector of central importance for Ericsson, such as high-throughput communication through noisy channels, large database operations, and network reliability estimation. The interns will ascertain any benefits of the developed quantum algorithms by benchmarking them against classical algorithms for the same task.

Roya Radgohar;Shreya Banerjee
Superviseur universitaire: 
Stefanos Kourtis
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