Need Definition and Need Mapping Methods for Innovation Projects

User needs analysis is a major concern in innovation projects and needs analysis methods differ in level of details, information overview, structure, interrelations, transparency, and ease of use. Depending on the project, the involved stakeholders, the required level of details, and time constraints, it is not clear which method should be used and why. The aim of this project is finding the best mapping method(s) and test them with the stakeholders. This project involves three phases. First, investigate current and future innovation projects in the organization to have an overview; prioritize and select three of them with different scopes. Second, investigate the work processes and human tasks; elicit the user needs and requirements to satisfy; select and use different methods to represent the needs. Third, test and compare different need mapping methods, or design a new one, by using them with different stakeholders to show their outcomes, strengths and limitations.

Mitra Taraghi
Superviseur universitaire: 
Jean-Marc Robert
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