New Mobile Mapping platform with High-Resolution images & 3D scanning

MMS (Mobile Mapping System) contains three principal components: positioning sensors, measurement sensors and mobile vehicle. This kind of system records geospatial data and provide GIS applications like: supervising of highway state, monitoring of electricity poles, collecting data of public services (telecommunications lines, electricity transmission lines, traffic signpost and pedestrian areas).
In this context, our solution is based on the integration of various navigation and data acquisition technologies to respond to many research problems like the data acquisition speed must be fast as possible because the planned system will be able to record geospatial data with a good quality when it is in moving with speed of 110 km/h, the second problem is the accuracy of data captured must achieve accuracies below than a few centimeters.

Fraj Hariz
Superviseur universitaire: 
Yassine Bouslimani;Mohsen Ghribi
New Brunswick
Partner University: