Numerical investigations of arctic pipeline leaks and its fate

Leak detection and location identification of leakage of arctic pipelines in a timely manner is very important because the economic impact of an oil spill to its stakeholders can be huge. It could have an adverse impact on life, the environment, the economy and corporate reputation. In this study a numerical investigations will be employed using CFD packages for simulating pipeline leaks using various test fluids. The simulation will show the influence of small leaks on local pressure and temperature gradients, and the acoustic signature contours around the leak source. This will help to identify if it is within the detection thresholds of fiber optics cable. The theoretical minimum threshold values of the parameters in order to detect small chronic leaks will be determined. The CFD study will also reveal the consequences of the fluid dispersion and its migration path after the leakage.

Muhammad Masum Jujuly
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Faisal Khan
Project Year: 
Newfoundland and Labrador