An omics study of plant responses to non-oncogenic Agrobacterium infection

ime-course biochemical and transcriptomic (gene expression) analysis of Nicotiana benthamiana in response to Agrobacterium infection and monoclonal antibody (mAB) expression. Host response to Agrobacterium infection may provide insight into novel approaches to increase recombinant protein production. Understanding changes in host gene expression may help identify targets for future engineering to limit negative impacts on the host due to infection and recombinant gene expression. Differential gene expression analysis may also reveal specific up-regulated host defenses (e.g. proteases, gene silencing, etc) that negatively affect recombinant protein production or stability. Examining host metabolic changes due to infection may also be helpful in identifying hormonally regulated responses or possible nutrient deficiencies.

Kiva Ferraro
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. J Christopher Hall
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