Online seizure detection using EEG-based features of neural rhythms measured from a wireless headset

Avertus Epilepsy Technologies Inc. is building a wireless headset that records brain waves (EEG) without requiring extensive, time-consuming, and uncomfortable patient preparation. Avertus’ SMART (Seizure Monitoring at the Right Time) Headset is a patient focused, point-of-care monitoring and detection system. Worn during the day or just at night during sleep, the SMART Headset represents safety, response when needed, and peace-of-mind. For drug companies and treating physicians, the SMART Headset provides an objective measure of seizure occurrence to assess drug efficacy. I will be developing the algorithms that will be incorporated into the headset and determine which features are appropriate. Previous studies have identified numerous features for seizure detection. However, the use of these features in noisy environments has yet to be investigated. By applying various signal processing techniques, the robustness of these features will be determined and if found to be clinically acceptable they will be incorporated into the headset.

Mirna Guirgis
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Deepa Kundur
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