Opennes in design, developent and digital literacy programs in Mozilla

Mozilla is a software development organization known internationlly for the open source Firefox web browser. This Mitacs Elevate postdoctoral fellowship aims to extend the Mozilla mandate for openness into the realm of digital literacy programs for youth. Mozilla has begun to develop collaborations known as Hive Networks involving libraries, museums, and other organizations. The Hive Network members strive to scaffold digital literacy into their programming and allow the youth to determine their own learning directions. Mozilla faces many unknowns in designing and implementing such programs. Mozilla requires the use of participatory and ethnographic research methods to ensure the community is involved in the design of the social programs, software products, and digital interfaces. Mozilla requires internal outreach and liaison work on their digital literacy tools andf program called Webmaker and to better engage the technology community through the community space at the Mozilla office in Toronto to contribute to user experience design.

Karen Louise Smith
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Leslie Shade
Project Year: