Operational framework and application prototype for integrating DfMA and BIM

Built environments have been experiencing low productivity issues for a long time due to poor collaborative processes, inefficient information exchange, and discontinuity between design and construction. With more and more construction projects moving towards off-site construction, the concept of Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA) is gaining momentum. This strategy is expected to be adopted in the construction industry ecosystem to improve the efficiency of project delivery. This project proposes the implementation of DfMA at the Partner’s company based on new digital delivery methods and technologies like Building Information Modeling - BIM. The interns will analyse two newly developed building systems by the industrial partner (cast-in-place concrete sandwich façade wall system and a precast component solution using blocks and joists/spacings), with the objective to develop an operational framework and a functional prototype of a BIM-integrated DfMA system to be deployed in the company.

Sadaf Montazeri;Baya-Kamelia Boudina
Superviseur universitaire: 
Ivanka Iordanova
Partner University: