Optimization of a long flight-time drone

This project is addressed to conduct a full analysis on the performance of a drone multicopter with a lithium-ion battery which is aimed to be commercialized. The patented design of the partner allows the drone to fly between 60 and 75 minutes. Various iterations will be required to perfect the design of the drone to have it ready for pilot projects that will begin in the spring 2021 with various industry sectors.
The objective of the project is to document the specifications of the prototype as well as to identify potential areas to optimize its performance. The current design does not have data on its aerodynamic performance, and we seek to drive an analysis to optimize its design based on local measurements with potentially numerical simulations. In order to achieve the design improvement, series of iterations are required where aerodynamic testing in different configurations shall be considered, define an optimized center of gravity which depends on the battery loadings on the drone. Change of the drone characteristics and performance to obtain a well operating drone.

Kamal Ben Miloud
Superviseur universitaire: 
Hachimi Fellouah;David Rancourt
Partner University: