Optimization of Myelin Water Imaging

The purpose of this research project is to optimize a magnetic resonance technique designed to measure myelin in brain and spine. This technique holds great promise for diagnosis and management of neurodegenerative diseases as well as abnormal brain development. The finalgoal ofthe project is to have a magnetic resonance protocol which could be offered as a product on a Philips Healthcare magnetic resonance imaging scanner. Currently, no MRI manufacturer offers myelin water imaging as a product. If a suitable implementation of myelin water imaging can be found for the Philips MR scanner, it could be offered as an advanced imaging tool with a potential price in the range of 30-50,000$. If myelin water imaging is accepted as a valuable tool by the medical imaging community, there could be several hundred sales which would lead to a considerable return on investment for Philips Healthcare.

Jing Zhang
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Alex MacKay
Project Year: 
British Columbia