"Optimizing a short-duration pulsed xenon UV (PX-UV) system for healthcare disinfection application *Renewal, previous title ""Multifunction system for measuring endothelial cell remodeling under laminar and turbulentpulsatile flow related to heart disea

Topnotch Building Maintenance Ltd. (TBM) has designed and developed an innovative pulsed UV disinfection system, which will be a more efficient and safer sterilization technique. The objective of this project is to optimize this portable and versatile device to be used for healthcare disinfection. Based on current prototype model, the PDF will develop a research plan to fully evaluate and optimize the system to be applied in hospital environment. Starting from seeking relatively optimal operating parameters of pulsed UV light in literature and initial experimental data, the intensity of UV at different distances will be characterized; and then typical pathogens found in hospital environment will be cultured in well controlled laboratory environment to quantitatively estimate the disinfection ability of TBM’s UV system. With extensive experimental data and strict analysis, the operating parameters, such as distance, pulsed duration, frequency, and energy consumption, will be determined for further system optimization.

Qiuquan Guo
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Jun Yang
Project Year: