Our Mutual Friend: Developing collaborative tools to increase researcher & practitioner networking

This project will create three online tools to help researchers initiate collaborations, decrease the hassles of project management during collaborations, and reduce the time spent applying for research grants. The first tool will help researchers find new partners for collaborative efforts by asking them a series of questions about their research interests and collaborative style, then suggesting collaborators and offering to initiate contact between researchers. The second tool will offer a simple, free-to-use, web-based tool that veers away from systems such as SharePoint. The main draw here is a low-learning curve “project management on one page” that can be used across disciplines. Finally, we will be creating a grant autocomplete form- one that pulls researcher information from their site profile, and populates a grant form with it. This serves to save time for researchers, since filling out one profile can then be applied to multiple grants.

James Benoit
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Mark Roseland
Project Year: 
British Columbia