Pediatric Cancer Drivers: From Target Discovery to Clinical Translation

This research cluster, a joint initiative between the Sorensen Lab at UBC and the Morin Lab at SFU with a number of key partners, involves a multidisciplinary approach to better understand the role of genetic changes in individual types of pediatric cancer, and how we might use this information to design better treatments for these diseases. We will use new “DNA sequencing” methods to read the genomes of tumours and sophisticated computational “bioinformatics” methods to identify the genetic changes, known as somatic mutations, that are relevant to individual diseases.The partners on this project include the BC Cancer Agency | BC Cancer Research Center, Team Finn Foundation, Terry Fox Research Institute, Life Labs and PHEMI.

Debjit Khan
Jonathan Lim
Tina Yang
Amal El-Naggar
Amanda Davison
Miguel Alcaide Torres
Bruno Grande
Kevin Bushell
Arezoo Mohajeri
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Poul Sorensen
Dr. Ryan Morin
Project Year: 
British Columbia