"Performance Optimization in 3GPP<->WiFi Traffic Steering *Renewal, previous title ""Stochastic Control in Network Coding Enabled Wireless Systems Year One"""

The mobile traffic has been increased significantly both in volume and in the variety of services in the new generation of broadband mobile networks. This made mobile operators to think about new approaches of data forwarding in wireless cellular networks. With this motivation, mobile operators have started to deploy WiFi to enhance the cellular network capacity. This is done by providing a seamless traffic steering between WiFi and cellular network. To facilitate such an internetworking, various design problems arise such as determining the network to which we steer the traffic, access point discovery, power consumption minimization, security issues in controlling the access and authentication of wireless users and APs (Access Points), maximization of expected throughput experienced by users, etc. Our goal in this project would be to identify new techniques and methodologies in performance optimization of 3GPP<-> WiFi internetworking in terms of throughput, delay and buffer efficiency.

Hassan Halabian
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. loannis lambadaris
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