Personalized orthosis-like toolkit for biomechanical correction of foot drop

Foot drop is a common pathology, caused by the weakening or paralysis of the foot dorsal muscles, that affects ten of thousand of Quebecers and that cause the individual to be unable to completely or partially raise his foot. It is traditionally treated with orthoses. Despite their recognized clinical relevance for reducing symptoms and pain, there are equivocal studies on the biomechanical efficacy of orthotics The ultimate goal of plantar orthosis is to stop or reduce the compensatory mechanisms of the foot joints. The goal of the project is to design a predictive model and an orthoses-like toolkit that will be used to design personalized orthoses for patient afflicted with the foot drop pathology and increase the biomechanical correction produced by the orthoses, resulting in a healthier gait.

Thierry Daviault
Superviseur universitaire: 
Karina Lebel
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