Pharmacological optimization of OpKemoTM, a silica-based nanoparticle platform for oncology

Pharma in silica is a preclinical stage company developing silica-based nanoparticles to formulate more efficient and better tolerated chemotherapy modalities. In this collaboration, they will benefit from the expertise of the laboratories of Prof N. Bertrand and S. Fortin to obtain useful chemistry, manufacturing, and control (CMC) information and advance their nanoparticles toward regulatory approval. Specifically, this project will adapt methodologies to evaluate 1) the physicochemical and metabolic stability of the encapsulated drug, 2) the
interactions of the nanoparticles with cancer cells and 3) the fate of nanoparticles once injected to the bloodstream. This project will allow interns to hone their skills in nanomedicine, pharmacology and preclinical translational pharmaceutical development. Through sustained interactions with the partner company, the interns will gain a unique perspective on the biotechnology industry in Canada

Mahmoud Omar;Mathieu Gagné-Boulet;Ricardo Totovao
Superviseur universitaire: 
Nicolas Bertrand;Sébastien Fortin
Partner University: